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Your Infinite Potential

For those of you who know me - know full well the unique way in which I chose to travel. Seen by some as dangerous, risky, or even plain stupid - I travel without a plan or filter of actions, hitchhiking and Couchsurfing in every country that I visit (and if you think that's all I do, keep reading...).

*Gasp*? This is a common reaction. Before I left on my journey 2 months ago, I witnessed a lot of the negative views that my peers have of the countries of the world and the people in them - and maybe you feel some of the same.

Well I have now been backpacking for over 11 weeks in parts of México, Canada, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and I can honestly say that not once have I felt even remotely concerned for my safety. In fact, I have received nothing but genuine caring, kindness, and hospitality from everyone, everywhere - turning the last couple months into the most humbling experience of my entire life.

In Taiping with a view of the ocean during sunset, very much enjoying life

But the most important part of all of this began, in fact, before I even started travelling - at a place called SWITCH. SWITCH is a student-run healthcare centre established for the under served population of Saskatoon. And it was here, through many hours of volunteering, where I learned two pieces of experiential knowledge that changed everything:

First - When we show generosity towards others, we experience generosity and causeless happiness in return.


Second - With our thoughts and intentions we create the world we live in.

Everything that I have been able to experience over the the last couple months has been through the application of these facts to my behaviour, thoughts, and actions.

The first and most obvious example of this has been (and is) my ability to create my own safety. I have now hitchhiked over 3000km in Mexico, Canada, Malaysia, and Indonesia. And since I left Canada I have yet to pay for a nights sleep. I stay with hosts arranged through Internet, with people I meet on the streets, or on the streets themselves - on park benches, in vacated structures, airports, hostels (free), and hotel lobbies. When it comes to intercity travel I take every logistical 'risk' possible - walking randomly through back alleys and urban areas regardless of time, and taking public transport (never taxi) only when necessary. I rent motor bikes without license, enter countries with fake return tickets, and even submitted a visa application to the Thai embassy with fake documents (it was approved)! Not once have I ever held a negative thought towards an unknown person or situation - I simply don't understand the idea of danger associated with people and it's for this very reason that for three months, regardless of what I have done, I have been able to avoid danger of all types. As long as your thoughts always remain positive - your life will naturally be this way also.

One of my favourite open air accommodations in Indonesia - complete with cardboard mattress and brick pillow 

The purpose of my traveling has always been for spiritual development - and just by maintaining this intention, my trip has literally been filled with nothing but. Before I even left Canada I ended up  by staying in a very spiritual house in Nanaimo, and in Vancouver I met the ghost from the Polar Express leaning rocks in the fog on Wreck Beach :). In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I stayed over 3 weeks with a psychic Indian woman who, among other things, can see spirits, ferries, energies, thoughts, look into past lives, and answer just about every question about yourself that you can think of! In Kuantan I took a Vipassana Meditation course by S.N. Goenka and in Malaka I experienced a little bit of Islamic culture - even being able to attend a Muslim wedding. Once I arrived in Indonesia it took me less than 4 days to cancel my entire trip to be in the presence of an enlightened being, Swami Nithyananda, during one of his Inner Awakening programs . I also made day trips to Ratu Bagus' Ashram and visited a temple of a nearby cult leader. In addition to ALL of this, all along the way I have been introduced to various techniques of yoga, meditation,  prayer, and ceremonies, as well as the most profound spiritual, intellectual knowledge on earth - Vedic Mathematics as a small example. Setting an intention is like making a 24 hour goal for the way in which you want to experience your life - with proper sustenance you can experience WHATEVER you want to experience completely regardless of when or where. It is so simple.

Vibhu and I after 18 indescribable days of absorbing beautiful energy in a beautiful place filled with beautiful people :)

Wherever I go, I strive to be the best  person in all dimensions that I can be. I enjoy making people smile and laugh, sharing my happiness with anything and everything that crosses my path - I even sing to plants! I never leave a shop without the owner smiling and satisfied or a vehicle without the person happy to have met me. And as mentioned before, all of the generosity we show towards others will find a way back to us in one form or the other. Well, over the past couple months, it certainly has. All throughout my journey I have been absolutely humbled by the kindness, generosity, and compassion that has been shown towards me by the people I have met. And with these very same people, I have not only seen and done more than I could have ever imagined, but also more than I could have ever afforded. From sky rise condos to trips across the country, I feel like every person who crosses my path does something special for me. I have lived countless of these experiences through tears - feeling more happy and fortunate than I could ever begin to describe. I'm living in a world where money means nothing and kindness is the only currency. Swept away by love on a daily basis,  there is no combination of worlds able to capture even the essence of what I am experiencing - for this reason I have refrained from telling many stories and will refrain from telling them in the future. My experiences can best be communicated through my presence and the profound way in which they have changed my life, you will have to wait to see me again to know what I mean.

A very nice picture of a beautiful lady whose caring and special skills have given new understanding to my life and many others'

If you take away anything from reading about my experience please take away the understanding that all of this can be applied to YOU. Because with your own thoughts, your own intentions, and your own actions, you are literally creating the world in which you are living in.

As an enlightened being once told me, "The base fabric of the universe is intelligence matter. Intel matter records, remembers, and projects back everything that you think and do."

As Buddha taught more than 2500 years ago, "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world."

and As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

What Mahatma is really saying is that if you BE the change, you will SEE the change. If you be kindness, you will see kindness, if you be love, you will see love, if you be honesty, safety, caring and compassion, you will see honesty, safety, caring, and compassion. Remove all negativity from your mind and you will remove all negativity from your life. I'm telling you guys, my guru, Buddha, and Gandhi are telling you guys - you and you alone are the writers of your life story. Be inspired by these great people, listen from them, and repay them with the greatest gift you could possibly give them - allow them to watch you tap into your own infinite inner potential and create for yourself the life and happiness you want and deserve.

Merry Christmas guys - I love you all.

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